The Lentor Residence

A 5-storey custom-built nursing home with 208 beds featuring comprehensive medical facilities such as in-house clinic, 24-hour nursing care and a nursing-call system.

5-storey custom-built nursing home

  • Situated in the Lentor vicinity surrounded by greenery.
  • Completed the asset enhancement of an additional storey and the extension of a 5-storey building in February 2013.
  • Comprehensive medical facilities such as in-house clinic and doctor in attendance, 24 hour nursing care and nurse-call system and telephone line at every bedside.
  • Additional security features such as professionally managed security system eg. Public Address system with Closed Circuit Television security monitors.
Established 1999 & 2013 (new extension building)
Property Type Nursing home
Land Area 2,486 sqm
Gross Floor Area 4,005 sqm
Hospital beds 208
Land Tenure 99 years wef 20 August 1938
Lease Terms 10 years with option to renew for 10 years wef
8 June 2017