Siloam Hospitals Surabaya

A 5-storey hospital building. It is the largest and one of the most highly recognised and respected private hospitals in Surabaya, a rising income area and Indonesia's second largest city. It has excellent fertility and Trauma Centre facilities.


The largest and one of the most highly recognised and respected private hospitals in Surabaya, with excellent fertility and Trauma Centre facilities

  • A 5-storey hospital building located in the central area of Indonesia's second largest city, serving a large catchment area of potential patients given the relatively lower number of higher quality hospitals in the region.
  • Successfully performed 1027 ovum pick-ups and has a 47.6% pregnancy rate from 958 embryo transfers in year 2015.
  • Highly experienced medical team that can handle all emergencies including medical evacuation to Jakarta or any overseas destination.
  • At the EGM held on 29 December 2015, First REIT has obtained Unitholders' approval for the transaction in relation to Siloam Hospitals Surabaya (SHS) pursuant to which, among others, development works will be undertaken to construct and develop the New SHS, which will be adjacent to the existing SHS. Upon completion of the New SHS which is expected in 2019, First REIT will acquire the New SHS. While the development works of the New SHS is in progress, the existing SHS remains operational. Please refer to First REIT's circular dated 14 December 2015 in relation to the New SHS for further details.
Established 1977
Property Type Hospital
Land Area 4,306 sqm
Gross Floor Area 9,227 sqm
Hospital Beds 160
Centre of Excellence Cardiology, Emergency & Trauma, Fertility Treatment
Lease Terms 15 years with option to renew for 15 years wef 11 Dec 2006
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Siloam Hospitals Surabaya

Jalan Raya Gubeng No. 70, Gubeng Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia